Our Service to You

RMC’s strength is that we bring important skills to a highly competitive China market.


Industries: O&G, Chemical, Ag, Mining, Sports, Movies & Entertainment, Sourcing, Manufacturing, Investigations, Unique Technologies (Drones/UAVs, Enterprise and Banking software), Luxury & Lifestyle Management, HNW Clients, Consultation and Security, Project Management and International Project Match Making.

RMC is a Boutique Security and Risk Management Firm

RMC specializes in boosting Public & Private sector relations between local and foreign governments as well as local and foreign businesses. RMC offers specialized security consulting to clients with distinct requirements. We are experts in crisis management, diffusion and negotiations.


RMC provides and trains security teams when and where needed. We devise risk mitigation and risk avoidance strategies for our clients. The strategies we employ for the benefit of our clients covers all industries in China. 

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